Faculty of Environment

Finding solutions through collaborative partnerships

Our partners value the enormous breadth and depth of expertise that we bring.

They admire our broad interdisciplinary approach, and recognise the benefits of strong, original thinking.

Across the faculty a wide range of collaborative partnerships have been developed with companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations. The faculty has a number of specific spin-out companies, projects and initiatives that aim to deliver innovative solutions to real world problems.

Collaborative Opportunities

  • Research and development
  • Consultancy
  • Professional development for staff

    • skills training
    • seminars
    • short courses
    • conferences and workshops

  • Specialist advice and technical services
  • Software packages, reports

Please visit the individual department websites for more details.

Rock layers

Rock Deformation Research (RDR)

RDR Ltd is an internationally established consultancy and research group in structural geology, working alongside the hydrocarbon, mineral exploration and production industries.


Driving Simulator facility

University of Leeds Driving Simulator

One of the most advanced driving simulators worldwide, providing the opportunity to carry out research into driver behaviour in controlled, laboratory conditions.

Roadside monitoring unit

Remote Sensing Vehicle Emissions

The Institute for Transport Studies’ Vehicle Emission Measurement System (VEMS) senses the tailpipe emissions of vehicles as they drive-through a monitoring site. This new approach, commonly used in the U.S. and Canada in large-scale emission testing programs, combines on-road VEMS measurements with detailed vehicle registration information and offers an opportunity to extend and maintain an up-to-date evidence base, and contribute to the development of more targeted and effective management strategies.

Researchers and Authorities interested in better understanding on-road vehicle emissions are encouraged to contact us.