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We provide a consistent approach across all School and Faculty sites by consolidating web hosting on a Faculty service.

The Faculty server system has built-in resilience by employing redundant hardware over several sites. It's based on Linux, running Apache and MySQL. It supports PHP 5, CGI, and Kerberised Active Directory authentication. The server also supports XHTML rendering of web pages.

We will provide personal web space to staff and Research students. More details about rules and regulations applying to all websites (including personal ones) can be found at University Guidelines for Websites. We will provide Research project web space for the purposes of website hosting, which is not chargeable. Research data hosting is provided as a separate service by other Faculty systems.

For basic websites, which can be created using a template-driven design, Web Hosting could also be addressed by referral to the pending central IT WordPress hosting with WPEngine, known as “WordPress Service”. This may offer solutions for rapid website deployment for simpler websites.

Our policy is to host websites which have been developed by the Faculty Web Team on Faculty systems. However, to meet other web hosting requirements, such as web systems to which the Faculty is unable to effectively support or offer future maintenance, three levels of service are available:

  1. A resilient, redundant system which hosts websites developed by the Faculty Web Team in our Faculty-standard CMS.
  2. A secondary system which provides hosting for minor sites by other groups in the Faculty. Typically, this would include legacy sites, which are not practical to be ported into the CMS. These sites would not be developed further by the Faculty Web Team.
  3. Finally, we may refer requestors onto the central Web Hosting service, which provides this service for an annual fee.

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