Petabyte Environmental Tape Archive and Library


We offer two specific storage services, depending on the number of copies of the data that are required – either one or two copies of the data. Each group’s can choose the number of copies that they require when filling the storage allocation form, based on their needs and the nature of the data.

– Single copy on tape

  • Appropriate for non-critical data
  • Data that can be recreated readily
  • No Backup of this data will be provided
– Two copies on tape
  • Appropriate for data that would be difficult to recreate (time consuming)
  • Appropriate for data that is impossible to reproduce (unique value)
  • Every tape will have a second tape copy synchronized twice a day
Each storage allocation will have a directory created on one of these areas where to store the data.

How to access the Service

To gain access to the service, you must complete a storage allocation form for each project and agree to the Service Level Agreement and the End User Agreement. This form names the Principal Investigator (PI) who is financially and legally responsible for the data stored and any users who will be given either “read-only” or “read/write” access to the storage area. The System Administrator (SA) will then send you and any other user a welcome email and prepare the Storage Allocation page which can be accessed once logged in on the website using your usual University credential. Once the storage allocation has been approved, an initial purchase of tapes will be required to provide the necessary storage space to deposit data. Storage space must be purchased by submitting a purchasing tapes form. You will need to be logged in the website in order to access the form. The request will be then authorised via the SA who will interact with the Finance Office (FO) and process the transaction. Once authorised, your available storage capacity will be increased and the allocation ready to start copying files to it. You can monitor usage and other information under the Storage Allocations link in the main menu of the website by selecting the name of your folder.

Customers cannot use tapes they have purchased themselves – all tapes must be purchased via the SRF.


The cost is approximately £122 per Terabyte or approximately £306 per tape (2.5TB). There is a slight difference in price between charging for use of PETAL on grants that already exist, compared to listing the calculated indexed costs on a grant awaiting future approval. The costs associated with the SRF will be re-assessed each year by the FO and adjusted. The minimum purchase that a user can make is one tape. For further information on the charges, contact the Faculty of Environment Finance Office.

For further informations please visit the links below:

Service Level AgreementHow To Use itFAQContact Us


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