PETAL: 1.7 How Users Gain Access to the Service

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To gain access to the service, users must complete a “Request Storage Allocation” form on the website for each project and agree to the Service Level Agreement and the End User Agreement.

This form names the Principal Investigator (PI) who is financially and legally responsible for the data stored and any users who will be given either ‘read-only’ or ‘read/write’ access to the storage area.

Once the storage allocation has been approved, an initial purchase of tapes will be required from the customer to provide the necessary storage space to deposit data. Storage space must be purchased by submitting a “Purchase A Tape” form on the website. Forms are emailed to the earpetal email account. The request should then be authorised by the SA (us) interacting with the Finance Office (FO) and processing the transaction.

Once the transaction is finalized, the SA will add the number of tapes purchased for the Storage allocations to the script files and then the user’s available storage capacity will be increased and the allocation ready to start copying files into it. Users can monitor usage in the Environment storage system web site.

Note - in practice, we have to be flexible about this. Customers often seem to approach us at the last minute requesting storage space - we sometimes have to get details to finance before a grant closes. So it's ok to accept details in emails rather than official forms.

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