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Students into schools

Enthusiastic university students can be great role models

If you’d like to help your students make sense of the many degrees available to them after their A-Levels, why not invite one of our student ambassadors to come and speak with them face-to-face. 

Our student ambassadors can visit your school to talk about their experience at university, and why they chose to study geography, geology or environmental science. 

They can also help to develop and deliver learning materials with you. 

Here’s a great example of the kind of lesson our students can teach yours… 

James Ochiltree, a former Sustainability and Environmental Management student talks about the lesson plan he developed when we was at Leeds. 

The lesson plan I taught in schools was centred on my topic, Sustainability. It focused on one of the key goals of sustainability: understanding competing viewpoints in order to reach a ‘sustainable outcome’ to a problem. 

To begin with I set out to understand what students already knew about sustainability. 

I then set a group exercise to teach them the process involved in planning the upland management of the North Yorkshire Moors. 

Finally, I encouraged everyone to discuss their different viewpoints with the other groups and to try to provide a single ‘sustainable’ outcome for the area.

Why focus on sustainability? 

The topic of sustainability features in all major exams boards requirements for both A Level and GCSE (Edexcel, OCR and AQA). That’s why a quick lesson on what sustainability is, and how to put it into practise is a valuable experience for your students. 

Inspire your students by in inviting one of our ambassadors to visit your school.