Faculty of Environment

Undergraduate degrees

It's about making the right choices

Our wide range of courses lets you cover a broad subject area or specialise in a specific topic. Not all of our degrees require you to have a geography or even a science A level so you may be surprised at where your A levels can take you.

Check the entry requirements of each course page below for more details.

All of our 3-year BA/BSc programmes can be extended to include a year in industry, or you can apply for our 4-year Integrated Masters degree which includes a year studying abroad. 

Our courses also offer field trip opportunities in this country and overseas.

Geography can also be taken with some subjects as a Joint Honours degree. Visit the Joint Honours degree webpage or see the full list in the University's Coursefinder tool.

Which degree is right for you?

To help you choose the right course for you we’ve put together this handy matrix which shows the difference between our courses in terms of the amount of social or physical science topics covered in each one, as well as how broad or specialised each of the courses is.

courses matrix