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Leeds Quaternary Postgraduates

University of Leeds

Our staff support and supervise postgraduate students in a wide range of Quaternary research. Details of some of our current postgraduates can be found below. If you are interested in studying for a postgraduate degree in a Quaternary associated topic, please visit the research degree sections of the School of Earth and Environment and School of Geography websites and contact a member of staff directly whom you would be interested in working with.

  • Claire Cooper: Volcano-climate interactions in the Holocene.
  • Tim Cullen: The response of density underflows to rift basin floor topography and palaeoclimate
  • Jennifer Dentith: Understanding abrupt climate transitions using geological tracers of ocean circulation
  • Stephen Eaton: Origin, evolution and mobility of large seabed bedforms, offshore East Anglia
  • Andy Emery: Constraining Holocene coastal response to marine transgression to predict future coastal realignment
  • Niall Gandy: The Collapse of the British-Irish Ice Sheet: the role of climate and sea-level changes 
  • Huw Goodall: Reconciling discrepancies between long and short term rates of tectonic deformation
  • Andy Mair: Signals of the ice age in tropics - new records from the Uruguayan Margin
  • Ilkka Matero: North American ice sheet collapse and abrupt climate change
  • Thomas Sim: Ecological and carbon accumulation response of permafrost peatlands to climate change
  • Jenna Sutherland: Control of large proglacial lakes on past outlet glacier dynamics in New Zealand