Faculty of Environment

IT Team in the Faculty of Environment

For calling from outside of campus please add 0113 34 to the beginning of the telephone extension.

Name Telephone extension Room Job title
David Appleyard 33301 9.20, Staff Centre PC Technician
Richard Bettie 31891 9.25, Staff Centre Web Service Leader
Stuart Borthwick 36627 9.19, Staff Centre (inside 9.20) Faculty IT Manager
Liam Draper 31158 9.20, Staff Centre Client IT Technician
Clare Gordon 35210 10.140b, School of Earth & Environment Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship); Faculty Academic Blended Learning Champion; Library/Database Manager; Web Programmer
Alison Manson 36752 9.20, Staff Centre Graphic Designer
Andrew Rae 35243 9.20a, Staff Centre PC Service Manager
Richard Rigby 35159 9.20, Staff Centre UNIX System Manager
Qamir Zia 33320 9.20a, Staff Centre Windows Service Leader