Faculty of Environment

A-Z of people in the Faculty of Environment

For calling from outside of campus please add 0113 34 to the beginning of the telephone extension.

Name Telephone extension Room Job title
Dave Andrew 36762 9.145, Earth and Environment PC Officer
David Appleyard 33301 B.18 Geography PC Technician
Naomi Armstrong 36760 G.09 Lifton Villas Finance Officer
Eve Aulton 36730 G.09 Lifton Villas Finance Clerk
Miss Junita Bellham 10.142a Student Education Service Assistant
Richard Bettie 31891 2.07 Lifton Villas Web Service Leader
Quentin Birkinshaw 37306 Lifton Villas Research Administrator
Nicola Borthwick 37323 1.10, Lifton Villas Research Administrator (pre-Award)
Stuart Borthwick 36627 9.145b, Earth and Environment Faculty IT Manager
Ben Broadbent 36752 2.05, Lifton Villas Web Programmer
Sarah Burdall 38042 8.111 Earth & Environment Faculty Health & Safety Manager
Dr Pre Carbo 38564 G.08, Lifton Villas Widening Participation Officer
Ben Clark 36288 Faculty Management Accountant
Lee Coothoopermal 37656 9.145 SEE PC Technician
Lynsey Cran 34670 1.03, Lifton Villas Human Resources Officer on maternity leave
Elizabeth Dell 31941 8.113, Earth &Environment PA to the Dean
Prof Andy Dougill 36782 8.102, Earth & Environment Dean of Faculty
Jackie Goodall 37993 G.23a, Geography Director of Facilities, School of Geography
Clare Gordon 35210 10.140b (SEE) / 2.05 Lifton Villas Teaching Fellow, Library/Database Manager, Web Programmer
Mr William Greaves 36593 Lifton Villas Health and Safety Officer
Dr Randolph Haggerty 36558 1.11 Lifton Villas Faculty Research Manager
Claire Handley 36798 G.01 Lifton Villas Project Accountant
Liz Hills 32867 1.13 Lifton Villas Faculty Marketing Manager
Professor Joseph Holden 33317 1.39, Geography Pro-Dean for Research
David Hunt 31639 G.01 Lifton Villas School Finance Manager
Clare Ingle Lifton Villas Faculty Education Service Manager
Dr Andrea Jackson 36728 8.104, SEE Pro-Dean for Student Education
Blessing James 38148 G.09 Lifton Villas Finance Officer
Michelle Lesnianski 31634 10.17a, Earth and Environment Graduate School Co-ordinator
Ms Anne-Marie Lombard Research Support Officer,
Alison Manson 36752 2.05, Lifton Villas Graphic Designer
Mr Paul Matthews 38667 Education Service Function Manager (Admissions)
Miss Sharman Metcalfe Finance Officer
Denise Nicholas 33530 1.12 Lifton Villas Senior Research Officer (Pre-Award)
Colleen Palmer 36698 G.01, Lifton Villas School Finance Manager
Mrs Sarah Papadimos Student Education Service Officer (Assessment and QA)
Damine Patel 31387 1.13 Lifton VIllas Marketing Officer
Laura Peaker 35875 G.04 Civil Engineering [Purchasing] Satellite 1 Faculty Buyer
Maxine Porter 33107 1.09 Lifton Villas Consultancy Officer
Andrew Rae 35243 9.145 SEE PC Service Manager
Richard Rigby 35159 9.145, Earth and Environment UNIX System Manager
Rebecca Sellers 34656 8.112, School of Earth & Environment Blended Learning Officer
Emma Seymour 37324 1.10, Lifton Villas Senior Research Administrator - ITS contact
Trish Shepherd 32960 1.03 Lifton Villas Faculty HR Support Assistant
Jo Squires 35774 1.03, Lifton Villas Faculty HR Manager
Mrs Lynsay Thomas 38667 G.08 Lifton Villas Education Service Function Manager (Admissions) on maternity leave
Jerry Thorp 33313 G.09, Lifton Villas Finance Clerk
Carl Waterston 36431 1.09 Lifton Villas Senior Research Officer
Thomas Wells 31323 2.05 Lifton Villas Web Officer
Miss Angela Whiteley 34670 Human Resources Officer
Maggie Whitworth 31810 G.04 Civil Engineering [Purchasing] Faculty Purchasing Manager
Qamir Zia 33320 B.18, Geography Windows Service Leader