Faculty of Environment

Meetings with Personal Tutees

You should invite your personal tutees to scheduled meetings throughout the year. For undergraduate programmes these meetings should take place at least three times during year 1 and at least twice in subsequent years. For Taught Postgraduate students there should be at least two meetings through the academic year.

It should also be noted that personal tutor meetings should take place in all years of student enrolment, including study years abroad and placement years.

The Leeds for Life meetings planner is integrated with your Outlook calendar and provides a facility for scheduling personal tutorials with your personal tutees. Leeds for Life will automatically send an email to the tutee(s) who you have invited. You'll receive an email if they accept the invitation. If you click on the appointment time you should be able to see which time slots have been accepted by your tutees (and the name of the person too).

Please see the LfL guidelines for Personal Tutors for update information and details on the booking system

In line with the Personal Tutoring Policy, students can request additional meetings with you which can be arranged within a reasonable time and in agreement between you and your tutee.

Please note that within ITS there is an Open Door policy for your tutees.

In SEE you should either state your office hours (ideally 2 hours per week) or say that you have an Open Door policy. It would be good if you could produce a sign for your door stating your availability and what students should do if you're not there.

 In GEOG there is a general Open Door policy and as an academic member of staff you should also post your office hours, either on your door or on your email.