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Leeds for Life

The University has developed the Leeds for Life platform to help manage and facilitate personal tutoring, specifically in respect of the individual meetings personal tutors arrange with their tutees.

The latest update (September 2015) to the Leeds for Life website is available here


Leeds for Life contains webforms which have been developed to enable the personal tutor and their tutees to make the most of their individual meetings. Students are asked to complete the relevant webform before each meeting, which is then sent electronically to their personal tutor once completed.

The Living CV

Leeds for Life provides students with a structured process where they can reflect on their progress and prepare for life after their degree via their Living CV. Within this they can keep a record of what they have achieved at Leeds and the skills they have developed as part of their degree.  

Opportunities, Broadening and the Leeds for Life Foundation

Leeds for Life provides students and Personal Tutors with access to a wide range of Opportunities, which students can use to develop their skills, broaden their life experience and contribute to the local, national and international community. Information on broadening is also available in Leeds for Life, to enable students and Personal Tutors to examine how the student can fully engage with a broad education which challenges, complements and reinforces the value of their degree subject.

Leeds for Life Foundation

Finally, the Leeds for Life Foundation provides financial support to students for personal projects that will develop their skills and benefit others.

New features are being added to the Leeds for Life website:

  • the Volunteering Hub has been integrated into the Opportunities section to provide a single point of access to all skills development opportunities;
  • the Leeds Network now gives direct access to over 700 alumni profiles
  • 'My Skills' is a new tool for all students to reflect on the skills they have developed, automatically gather evidence and develop action plans.

PGT students can share their LfL record with their supervisor or personal tutor, develop a personal Postgraduate Achievement Record and access useful links to key services and resources.