Faculty of Environment

Role and Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as Personal Tutor, as outlined in the Personal Tutoring Policy, are as follows:
For undergraduate students: meet students in one to one meetings twice in the first semester of the first year and once a semester thereafter;

For taught postgraduate students: meet students in one to one meetings, once in semester 1 and again in semester 2.

You should also offer:

  • enough meeting times so that all students have an opportunity to meet you
  • record the attendance of your students at Personal Tutor meetings
  • review your students' on-going and general academic development in a structured way that reflects their progression through their degree
  • assist your tutees identifying areas for development, both academically and for their future, so that they are aware of the skills they need to be employable
  • encourage your tutees to reflect on and articulate their skills, experiences and achievements so that they are ready to compete for opportunities
  • raise awareness of co-curricular activities and opportunities by appropriate reference to the resources in the Leeds for Life website
  • refer tutees to appropriate pastoral support within the School and University when they require specialist advice or counselling
  • offer group meetings with tutees (where appropriate) to supplement the one to one meetings to deliver information, encourage peer support and develop skills and attributes
  • provide references for personal tutees