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Leeds for Life Personal Tutoring

Personal tutoring is at the heart of Leeds for Life:
"It's about inspiring students to get the most out of their academic and co-curricular experiences and build on their time studying at the University of Leeds. We want our students to be able to recognise the value of everything they have done at University and be at ease articulating this clearly and confidently"

 Personal Tutoring Policy

The aims of the Leeds approach to personal tutoring are:

  • to support the academic, personal and professional development of students
  • to support students in developing their independent learning and self-management
  • to raise awareness among tutors and tutees regarding the wealth of opportunities available to students for developing graduate attributes and skills at the University of Leeds
  • To help personal tutors and tutees articulate the student's various experiences and achievements gained through the curriculum and through co-curricular activities
  • To embed the University values and the ethos of the Partnership into the personal tutoring system.
  • To ensure that the personal tutoring system is consistent and available equally to all taught students.