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Faculty Support

Katrina Firth (k.l.firth@leeds.ac.uk) is the Faculty Functional Lead for Student Support. We have a Faculty Blended Learning Enhancement Officer, Blayn Parkinson (b.parkinson@leeds.ac.uk) and also a Faculty Academic Blended Learning Champion, Dr Clare Gordon (c.e.gordon@leeds.ac.uk).

For supporting our students further in assisting with all kinds of academic writing we have within the Faculty our Royal Literary Fellow, Emily Diamand. (e.m.diamand@leeds.ac.uk). Emily is based in Room 10.127, Manton Building (Geography) and will be working in the University on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For further information on how the Scheme works please see here

School of Earth and Environment:
The Student Education Office can help with a range of administrative tasks including:

  • registration and module enrolment;
  • change of modules or programmes of study;
  • attendance monitoring - see Charlotte Ross/Andrew Bowdin
  • exam and assessment information
  • timetabling issues

Katrina Firth (k.l.firth@leeds.ac.uk) is the School's Student Support Manager and also the School Disability Contact alongside Dr Jacqui Houghton (j.houghton@leeds.ac.uk)

Alison Anthony (a.r.anthony@leeds.ac.uk) is the Student Education Officer for Student Support. She is responsible for pastoral support as well as the Study Year Abroad and Industrial Placement students. Alison and Katrina are the members of the team who are able to grant extensions on coursework. They are based in 10.142b

Linda Hartland (l.hartland@leeds.ac.uk) is the School's Employability Officer and works alongside a team of Student Employability Ambassadors providing advice and information for students on graduate jobs, internships and industrial placements. Further information is available here

Linda is supported by Alison Anthony within the Student Education Office and Dr Colin Pitts is the academic contact for the Year in Industry.

Within SEE we have our own Student Experience Officer, Katie Livesey (k.livesey@leeds.ac.uk) who works alongside her team of student ambassadors to ensure maximum involvement and enjoyment for students who choose to study in SEE.

 The School Academic Integrity Officer is Dr Rob Newton (r.j.newton@leeds.ac.uk) and Examinations Officer and Chair of the Special Circumstances Committee is Dr Jon Mound (j.e.mound@leeds.ac.uk).

 School of Geography:

As with SEE, the Student Education Office assists with a range of administrative tasks relating to programme support, assessment and quality assurance.

Claire Gorner (c.gorner@leeds.ac.uk) is the School's Student Education Officer for Student Support. She is also the Disability contact within the School working alongside the School's Academic Disability contact, Dr Paul Morris (p.j.morris@leeds.ac.uk).

Tessa Grant (t.g.grant@leeds.ac.uk) is the School's External Relations Officer incorporating Employability, working alongside Prof.Martin Clarke (m.c.clarke@leeds.ac.uk) ,the Year in Industry coordinator.

The School Academic Integrity Officer is Helen Durham (h.p.durham@leeds.ac.uk) and the Examinations Officers for the School are Dr Gordon Mitchell for UG students (g.mitchell@leeds.ac.uk) and Dr Steve Carver for PGT students (s.j.carver@leeds.ac.uk)

Institute for Transport Studies

As with SEE and Geography, the Student Education Office in ITS assists with a range of administrative tasks relating to programme support, assessment and quality assurance.

The School's Student Education Service Coordinator and the School's pastoral advisor post is currently vacant. This post is also the Employability Lead alongside Dr James Tate (j.e.tate@its.leeds.ac.uk).

Dr Astrid Guehnemann (a.geuhnemann@its.leeds.ac.uk) is the Academic Integrity Officer in ITS and Dr Jeremy Toner (j.p.toner@its.leeds.ac.uk) is the Examinations Officer.