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Pastoral Support and Guidance

Some of your tutees may encounter difficulties along the course of their study here at Leeds. These issues may be of a personal or an academic nature. Since problems can arise at any time, it would be useful to let your tutees know that they can come and see you/contact you throughout the year. You can do this by displaying your office hours on your door or by including it in your email signature.

Mitigating circumstances are those events/issues that students will encounter through the course of their academic study which will have significant impact on their attendance and/or performance. These unexpected and generally significantly disruptive events can include: serious illness/injury; significant mental health issues; a death or critical illness of a close family member; a significant family crisis leading to acute stress. Each student will be affected by any issue in a different way, hence across the Faculty we deal with each situation on a case-by-case basis and mitigate accordingly as per the decisions of the Special Cases Committees. The student has a responsibility to inform their School should they find themselves being affected by events beyond their control. You should always seek guidance/advice from your student support officer within your School prior to advising any student about claiming mitigating circumstances. This new set of guidance notes  for students which will accompany the mitigating circumstances claim form provide an initial point of reference for both staff and students. You should direct your tutees to the Student Support Officer within their school for help and guidance in completing the mitigating circumstances form.

Your role in addressing problems and worries is simply to point students in the right direction. This could be to a fellow lecturer for academic issues or to the Student Support Officer in your School for pastoral/wellbeing problems. You also have a role to play in being empathic to your tutees' issues but that doesn't mean taking on a role of counsellor or 'friend'. There are plenty of support services across the University to enable your tutees to seek out the correct support for them.
There is further information in the useful links document.

LUU help and advice offers free, confidential and impartial advice to students on a whole range of issues which include: money, housing, health and wellbeing and accommodation