Faculty of Environment

Health and Wellbeing

The University has a wide range of services and expert teams to support our students in whatever situation they might find themselves in.

As students in Leeds all our students need to register with the Leeds Student Medical Practice .

There is also health advice for international students who find themselves unwell during their time in the UK.

Some students will struggle with culture shock and cultural differences. Here you can find information to assist them.

For those students struggling with stress and anxiety there are many practical steps to help and resources to refer them to. The Student Counselling Centre offers free services through the year. The teams within the centre will assess the student and recommend the best plan for them. Counselling can be very beneficial for students experiencing difficulties.

The Mental Health Team within the University offers a free and confidential service. The mental health advisors provide a range of support to students who are experiencing an existing moderate to severe and enduring diagnosed or emerging mental health difficulty.

 The Disabled Students' Assessment and Support team have a range of specialist staff who can help students access disability support for their studies. If you have a tutee who feels that they are eligible for support with exam arrangements, study skills e.t.c then refer them to the team. They are based in Chemistry West Block (55A on the campus map) and can also be emailed at disability@leeds.ac.uk. You can access further information here