Faculty of Environment

Academic issues/support

All our students have their own personal timetables which can be accessed through the Portal or the UniLeeds app. Students can access all kinds of information from here.

The Library resource is vast for our students with over 3,900 study spaces across the three campus buildings and over 2.8 million print and 500,000 online books. There is a vast array of training available for staff and students alike relating to academic skills (referencing, maths support, writing and reading skills) via skills@library

Students are expected to attend all their taught sessions as they are compulsory, however sometimes there are situations when this is not possible. In advising your tutees you can find out about attendance and absences.

For students (and yourselves) it's useful to familiarise themselves with the rules, regulations and guidelines that cover life at University

For final year/PGT tutees you might find it useful to direct them here in order to download a classification calculator.

Plagiarism, cheating and malpractice: hopefully there won't be any reason for you to refer to this page or to refer your tutees here, but it does contain lots of useful information. Following on from this page students may want to appeal against classification or finalised marks. Here's how to go about it by accessing the appeals page.

Should students need additional support in an academic case such as a plagiarism hearing then they can get further guidance from LUU.

There are implications to note and remember should a student decide to take permanent or temporary leave after they have registered online. This information is for internal use only - please do not forward or show it to students. Please use it as a guide for student.