Faculty of Environment

Student Education Service

The Student Education Service (SES) supports students from the moment they enquire about studying with us, all through their studies to graduation and beyond.

Colleagues in the Faculty SES team are based in one of the three schools or the Faculty office, but work together to improve the consistency and quality of the administrative support we provide for undergraduate, taught postgraduate and postgraduate research students and programmes.

In the Faculty of Environment, the Faculty office hosts the Admissions team (UG and PGT programmes), the Graduate School Office (PGR administration including admissions for PGR studies), the Faculty Blended Learning Enhancement Officer, plus the Faculty Student Education Service Manager (FESM).

FESMs lead and manage the provision of services to students and academic colleagues within their faculty, as well as shaping and influencing University-wide strategies. They do this by working in partnership with central teams and other University communities. FESMs are also convenors of cross-institutional functional management teams (CIFMTs).

As well as supporting programmes within schools, staff based in school education service offices are aligned to the six functional areas that make up the service: admissions, assessment, personal and professional development, programme support, quality assurance, and student support.

The Faculty SES Management team is led by the FESM and includes the functional managers and school education service managers. Functional managers work together to share good practice within the faculty and more broadly across the institution through the CIFMTs, contributing to University projects in their area of expertise and sharing best practice. They are tasked with improving the consistency of the experience provided to students and the service delivered to staff.  School education service managers are based in academic schools and manage staff supporting learning and teaching activities in their school.

The Faculty of Environment SES Management team

  • Faculty Education Service Manager (Clare Ingle)
  • Admissions (Lynsay Thomas)
  • Assessment (Martin Iles, SESM in Earth and Environment)
  • Blended Learning (Blayn Parkinson)
  • Graduate School (Michelle Lesnianski)
  • Personal and Professional Development (Katie Livesey and Tessa Grant)
  • Programme Support (Jo Moran, SESM in Transport Studies)
  • Quality Assurance (Trevor Gorringe, SESM in Geography)
  • Student Support (Katrina Firth)

The Faculty Student Education Service team is part of the University-wide student education service. The University ambition is to have a sector-leading, integrated support service where students and academic staff receive consistent, high quality and effective support. For more information about the Student Education Service, see http://ses.leeds.ac.uk/