Faculty of Environment

Obtaining a Username

A single University username and password gives you access to all University and Faculty IT systems (although there are some specialist and legacy systems on which the username won't be enabled by default).

Undergraduate, Taught and Research postgraduate students automatically receive a University username. Your username is printed on the front of your Student Union card, and is also your email address (username@leeds.ac.uk).

Members of staff can obtain a username by filling in the University username application form, available from the Faculty IT offices and the ISS helpdesk. (An online version is available - but inform the Faculty IT office separately if you fill that in)

Students can obtain their username and password in 2 ways -

From the web site : http://mypassword.leeds.ac.uk.

At any cluster PC, login with the username and password mypassword. You will then be logged in and a program will automatically start to run. You will be asked for your student ID number (which is printed on your student card) and your date of birth. Follow the instructions on screen to get your new password.