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Connecting from Windows

  1. Start the Remote Desktop by clicking on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Remote Desktop Connection (or Start -> Run -> mstsc)
  2. Click on "Options >>"
  3. In the Computer box type 'foe-sterm'.
  4. Add your User name and Password - the same ones as for the ISS "DS" domain.
  5. In the Domain box type 'DS'
  6. If you wish, check the "Save my password" box - but be aware that this may allow others to connect to your own Remote Desktop sessions, and to see your private data.
  7. Click on "Local Resources" and check the "Disk Drives" and "Printers" boxes.
  8. Click on "General", then "Save As...". In "Save As" window, move up one level (click the green up arrow next to the "Save in:" box) and change the filename to something meaningful (eg 'Terminal Server'). Then click "Save". Click "Cancel" and test the icon on your desktop.
  9. For a full-screen display, click anywhere in the Remote Desktop window, then press 'CTRL-ALT-Break'. You can return to a Windowed version at any time by pressing the same key sequence again, or use the Minimise or Resize buttons shown at the topp of the screen.
  10. If you disconnect the session by killing the Remote Desktop window, you will find that your session remains as it was when you reconnect.
  11. If you want to do the equivalent of CTRL-ALT-DEL (to access the task manager) press 'CTRL-ALT-End'.