Faculty of Environment

Connecting to Shared Storage from OSX

Shared storage areas can be accessed by clicking 'Go' (in the finder bar at the top of the screen) then 'Connect to Server':

This will open a dialogue box asking for the server details:

  • To connect to your School home directory enter:


  • To connect to the 'shared' storage area (windows 'N:' drive), using OSX Lion (10.7) or greater, it should be possible to connect to:


and  navigate through the folder structure.

  • On older versions of OSX (< 10.7),  to connect to the shared SEE folder, enter:


and open the 'SEE' folder.

  • To connect to the Faculty folder:


and open the 'ENVIRONMENT-FACULTY' folder.

ISS have provided instructions on connecting your Mac to your University home directory (Windows 'M:' drive) here:


Upon connecting to you will be presented with a SMB/CIFS login box. Your University username should be entered in the form DS\username:

Note: With OS X 10.5 and above the default behaviour when mounting shared storage has changed, so if you want a shortcut to the share on the desktop go to 'Finder' > 'Preferences' and tick 'connected servers' from the 'Show These Items on the Desktop' list.