Faculty of Environment

Faculty Home Directories

The Faculty provides home directories for non-Windows platforms because of technical limitations with the central provision. This is primarily aimed at Linux systems, but because the quotas are significantly larger than the M Drive, it's also used on Windows systems and Mac systems.

  1. Access: When you login to a Linux system in the Faculty, your home directory will be provided automatically from a Faculty server.
  2. Permissions: By default, home directories are setup to be readable by everyone, and writable by the user. Permissions can only be changed properly on Linux systems.
  3. Quotas: We allocate default quotas of 2Gb to staff/research users and 1Gb to taught-course users. Normally quota increases up to 40Gb on the staff/research system are accepted, but beyond that some justification is required. You can request an increase to your quota by sending an email to foe-support@leeds.ac.uk.
  4. Remote access: The Linux home directories can be accessed from Windows desktops by manually fetching the drive - this requires knowledge of the server and filesystem. (e.g. from Windows Explorer - Tools -> Map Network Drive -> Folder: \\foe-fs-01\ear6stb).

Information on how to connect to storage from OSX systems can be found here:

Connecting to Shared Storage from OSX