Faculty of Environment

Faculty backup system

Faculty home directory systems have comprehensive backups with online copies of filesystems and all changes over the last month. In addition, we also keep offline generational copies which are managed by IT support staff.

Faculty file systems for non home directory areas are backed up according to the requirements of the research group which owns the data. The default is an online copy of the filesystem and all changes over the last month. Some (scratch) filesystems have no backups at all, other filesystems may have generational copies (but that's unlikely). Some file systems may only save changes for the last week.

The links below give instructions on accessing the online backups. If you prefer, you can just send a request to IT support with full details of the files or directories you want to restore and the date you want them restored to. You have to ask IT support if you want to restore from home directory backups which are older than 30 days (from the generational copies).

Accessing the backups from Linux

Accessing the backups from Windows