Faculty of Environment


Hard Drives
  1. University Home Directories: Primary network storage (the M Drive).
  2. Faculty Home Directories: Faculty systems primarily to provide home directory storage for non-Windows platforms.
  3. Centrally-provided storage space for research projects: The University provides storage for research projects from central servers as part of the University's Indirect Cost rates. As mentioned in the RSU site in the link above, this would ideally be around 500Gb per project. However, the demand for storage space in the Faculty of Environment is so high that we are only able to allocate around 50Gb per project from our central allocation.
  4. University SAN: Options to buy large volume storage on a centrally-run Enterprise Storage system (the N Drive).
  5. RCDS: Research Computing Data Service - a University service to provide bulk capacity primarily associated with HPC systems.
  6. Faculty Storage: Information on using and buying large volume storage on a non-Enterprise, Faculty-run storage system.
  7. Data Encryption: The first phase of the University Encryption standard, aimed at Microsoft based systems.
  8. Backups: How to access the backups of Faculty storage systems.
  9. Connecting to shared storage from Apple OSX.


University Policy on Safeguarding Data

Research Data - Risk Assessment procedures

University Information Security Policies