Faculty of Environment


All printing devices within the School of Earth and Environment are Konica Minolta MFDs (Multi Function Devices).

The MFDs are all capable of printing A3/A4, duplex, and colour/monochrome, and all devices can scan, print and copy.

The printers are all part of the University 'MyPrint' system, which allows you to send all print jobs to a single queue, and then collect from any device.

To access the devices (to collect your print jobs, or to use the photocopying or scanning functions), it is necessary to either set up a PIN number, or register a card. Information on how to do this can be found here:

    The locations of the devices are listed in the link below -

    School instructions for accessing and usng the devices -

    It is also possible to send print jobs via email, or using a web browser, which may be useful when using personal devices, such as laptops or mobile phones:

    Konica manuals (pdf format):