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User Box Printing

You can print confidential documents on the MFDs using User Box printing - this causes print jobs to be stored in memory on the MFD until you visit the device and enter your PIN number. To do this, you have to get IT support to setup a User Box for you on a specific MFD device - let IT support know which MFD device you want to use, and give them a PIN number to associate with your User Box. IT Support will give you a User Box name and associated number.

Note: if you don't print your job from the MFD device it will be deleted automatically after a period of time - you can specify this time when you request your User Box.

  1. Open your application and select Print as normal.
  2. From the Print diaogue box, select the MFD device (if necessary), then click on Properties
  3. In the Properties dialogue box, select the Basic tab, then Output Method -> Save in User Box (see below).
  1. In the User Settings Dialogue box, enter the box number supplied by IT support in the User Box Number area (see below).
User Settings Dialogue Box
  1. Then click on OK, OK, OK
  2. Then on the MFD device, login with the normal School PIN number
  3. Then press User Box (a physical button on the MFD console)
  4. Your User Box may be on the touch-screen - if so, select it. Otherwise you can use the Enter User Box No, or Search User Box buttons.
  5. After selecting the User Box, press Use/File
  6. Enter the PIN number
  7. Select the Document Icon you want to print (optionally, you can click on Document Details to get information such as the time it was sent and the filename).
  8. Press the on-screen Print button
  9. At this point you can optionally select some options such as double-sided printing.
  10. Now press the (physical) Start button
  11. That's all there is to it.