Faculty of Environment

SEE MFDs - Scanning

The MFD devices can either scan to a memory stick, or can email you the scanned document.

  1. Scanning to a memory stick -

    1. Login to the MFD with the nomal login PIN
    2. Put a memory stick in the USB port
    3. Select Save a Document to External Memory
    4. Press Start

    To scan subsequent documents -

    1. Select the System User Box tab
    2. Extended Memory
    3. Save Document
    4. Start

  2. To send the scanned image to your email address -

    1. Login with the normal PIN number
    2. Press the FAX/Scan button
    3. Address Search
    4. Select either Staff or Research, then click on OK
    5. Search
    6. Type in some of your username or real name
    7. Select your username from the list (if necessary)
    8. Press the Start button