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SEE MFDs -Linux access

MFD Locations

There are two main queues on the Faculty Linux systems:

  • myprint
  • myprint-staff

The 'myprint' queue is primarily intended for taught student use, and the 'myprint-staff' queue for research students and members of staff.

Both queues will default to double sided and monochrome printing, though these options can be adjusted in the driver settings.

If sending a print job to the 'myprint' queue, the system will pop up a prompt for confirmation, before the job is sent. This allows taught students to see how much a print job will cost, before confirming. There is some more general information about this here:

Command Line Printing:

The default for all queues is duplex printing. From a command line, duplexing can be switched off using the lp command, and the Konica driver option 'KMDuplex', e.g.:

  • lp -o KMDuplex=1Sided -dmyprint-staff /path/to/file

this would print the file single sided, using the myprint-staff queue.

To enable colour printing from the command line, the driver option 'SelectColor' can be used:

  • lp -o SelectColor=Auto -dmyprint-staff /path/to/file

Konica Driver Options:

The Konica drivers have a multitude of options available, some which are likely to be useful can be found, when printing from graphical programs, under the following headings:

  • Binding Position - for duplex printing, default is 'left bind'.
  • Print Type - duplex option, default is '2-sided'.
  • Select Color - switch colour on ('Auto Colour') or off, default is 'Gray Scale'.
  • Staple - staple together the output, default is 'off' (stapling requires a finishing unit - see mfd locations).

Here is an example of setting some driver options within kpdf:

Firefox printing:
Be aware! when using firefox, the paper size setting is not within the print settings...
You can set the paper size within the 'File' > 'Page Setup' options.:

OpenOffice printing:

Some files in OpenOffice (usually documents that have been saved in a Microsoft '.doc'/'.docx' format) may not print if the document paper size is set to 'letter', as this can override any settings in the print preferences.

To get around this the document page size must be changed to A4, within the 'Format' > 'Page' menu:

Setting the 'Format' option to A4 should allow the document to print successfully.

A5 Booklet Printing (.pdf):

The Konica devices have settings in the driver to enable booklet printing, however, these may not always work as expected.

The easiest way to print out an A5 booklet, is to print from a .pdf file using acroread.

acroread should be in the PATH by default (location /usr/local/bin/acroread), and can be opened from a terminal by simply typing:


When printing, select the required printer from the list, and within the 'page handling' section of the print dialogue, set 'Page Scaling' to 'Booklet Printing', set 'Booklet Subset' to 'Both Sides', and leave the 'Auto-Rotate Pages' box un-checked:

To ensure the pages are all facing the correct way, the 'Binding Position' option needs to be set to 'Top Bind' within the driver settings.

This can be done by going to the printer properties, by clicking the 'properties' button, at the top right of the print dialogue box, where the 'Bind Position' option can be found, and set to 'Top Bind':