Faculty of Environment

MyPrint Registration

To register your staff card you will need to first need go to http://myprint.leeds.ac.uk and log in using your ISS username and password. Once you are logged in at the top of the page select Register Card option to begin card registration you will be asked to create a MyPrint PIN during the registration process.  Once you have sucessfully registered you will then receive an email similar to the one below and a one time login.

  1. Visit a MyPrint MFD (photocopier with a card reader installed).

  2. Login with your one-time login and MyPrint PIN, as follows;

    1. touch the username label on the MFD screen, enter your one time login and press Enter

    2. touch the MyPrintPIN label on the MFD, enter your PIN and press Login

  1. Hold your staff card upside down with the printed side facing towards you. Swipe your card through the reader on the MFD and it should beep once and flash green.

  1. After card registration, you will be logged out. To check your card can be used to login, swipe it through the reader and you should be prompted for your MyPrint PIN.

  2. You can logout using the Access key

Removing MyPrint Pin when using your Staff Card.

Once you have registered your staff card you have the option to remove your MyPrint pin requirement each time you swipe your card.

To do this you need to go to the MyPrint portal and click on Create/Changepin once it asks you to enter a new pin you can either enter the same one you entered previously or you can create a new one. To turn off the pin requirement for the card untick apply to all registered cards and click change pin

The pin will still be required if you do not have your Staff card with you and you log in using your username

Some common problems
The reader flashes red when I try to register my card.
Your card was not read correctly by the reader. Before seeking additional assistance, please try to login again with your one time login. If this fails repeat the entire process, starting with the 'Register Card' button in the MyPrint portal at https://myprint.leeds.ac.uk

There is no response from the reader when I try to register my card.
Your card may need replacing. Details of how to replace your card are available online at http://pcb.leeds.ac.uk/for-staff/.