Faculty of Environment

Linux Power Saving

By default, Linux systems run 24/7. Some people may want their desktop systems to automatically powerdown when they are idle. We have implemented a shutdown policy on CentOS systems where a script runs every 30 minutes and checks if there's currently anyone logged into the system, and if there are any processes running. If nobody is logged in, and no processes are running, and the system has been opted into the powersave scheme, then it is automatically shutdown. A BIOS setting will automatically restart the system early in the morning on weekdays to install security patches, after which it is shutdown again.

To opt in to the powersave scheme, send an email with details of the Linux system to foe-support@leeds.ac.uk.

Waking Up Machines

A Linux desktop which has been shutdown can be woken remotely from any other Linux system by running -


the desktop should be back up and useable within approximately 5 minutes.