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Versions available: 1.0

Licences: Freeware

SEATREE is a modular and user-friendly software to facilitate using solid Earth research tools in the classroom and for interdisciplinary, scientific collaboration. We use python wrappers and make use of modern software design concepts, while remaining compatible with traditional scientific coding. Our goals are to provide a fully contained, yet transparent package that lets users operate in an easy, graphically supported "black box" mode, while also allowing to look under the hood. In the long run, we envision SEATREE to contribute to new ways of sharing scientific research, and making (numerical) experiments truly reproducible again. (Eos Article)

SEATREE is module based, and the current release includes tools for computing 2D mantle convection, 3D spherical mantle flow, for inverting for Earth structure by means of surface wave, phase velocity tomography, and a two-dimensional synthetic tomography teaching module. Additional modules for 3-D, body wave tomography and earthquake location are in the works. The main software design consists of transparent python wrappers that drive the modules, including a GMT plotting tool, and a graphical user interface