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Licences: Geophysics MSc course site licence

This system combines ease of use, effective analysis tools and flexibility with excellent algorithms, infrastructure and productivity tools. With ProMAX software, you can realize greater value from your investment in seismic data, increase productivity, reduce project cycle times and lower risk. Whether you're part of an oil company's in-house processing team or a contractor trying to keep up with the growing number of surveys in your backlog, your ability to deliver large volumes of data, quickly and accurately, remains a hallmark of your processing operations.

ProMAX software technology is designed to bring the user closer to the seismic data with visualization tools that allow rapid viewing of pre-stack and post-stack seismic data.

Knowledge-based seismic data processing leverages your understanding of the geology to guide seismic data analysis and parameter selection in order to optimize seismic processing sequences. ProMAX workflows facilitate construction of the optimum seismic image of the geologic target.


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