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Hampson Russel Software

The Hampson Russel Software (HRS) "is a comprehensive software suite of reservoir characterization tools with all new functionality and an integrated work console to manage robust projects in a more efficient manner."

#- Versions available: Currently, the main suite is on version 9.

#- Number of licences available: usually 2 or 4 depending on the tool.

#- Instructions:

app setup hrs

then run the required tool, e.g.:


#- Additional Information:

Information provided by the software vendor:

* Website pages

Our HRS-9 web pages are live, here you can find all information about the software:


Also a presentation titled “Getting started with HRS-9” can be downloaded here:


* Knowledgebase

We have an impressive knowledgebase on our website which gives lots of hints and tips and example workflows. I would recommend you have a look at this:


* Software video guides:

We have uploaded some HRS-9 video guides onto our website. Each demo follows a step-by-step workflow divided into chapters, and highlights the main software features. The demos are intended to help you get started with our software. Please do note that the videos are intended purely as a guide to the software applications and should not be treated as a definitive workflow. The videos can be found here: