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Generic Mailbox Permissions - Outlook 2010

These instructions only apply to Exchange Mailboxes

There are currently mutiple shared mailbox accounts setup within the Faculty to aid staff who job it is to deal with enquires for example HR and who work in a team. We know that staff roles tend to change on a regular basis and sometimes they do not require access to a shared mailbox anymore.

Below are some instructions on how to change to permissions on the mailbox folders to either add or remove a member of staff

Stage 1. Granting user's Delegate Access

Step 1. To add delegates to the shared mailbox, Navigate to File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Delegate Access

Step 2. When the Delegate windows is displayed click Add

Step 3. In the global address book find and select the name of the member of staff you would like to add as a delegate then click ok

Step 4. The Delegate permission window now will open you will notice that the default permissions will be set to none. Click on each entry and select Editor from the Dropdown menu. tick the box at the bottom of the window to "Automatically send a message to the delegate summarizing these permissions" An email will be sent to the person's you have added giving them an overview of the permissions. you can leave private items unticked as this is not required.

Click OK when you are done


Step 5. The top option is recommend and the most common choice. "My delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me" (recommended).

Click OK once the above option is selected

Stage 2. Granting Users folder Access

The next stage is to grant folder access to the member of staff you have added to your delegate list.

Step 1. In the navigation pane navigate to your mail view  right click on your mailbox name for example j.bloggs@leeds.ac.uk and select folder permissions from the list

TIP: As this is the mailbox we need to grant permissions to this first otherwise you won't be able to open the mailbox once the permissions for the folders have been set.


Step 2.  The next screen you will see is the Mailbox Properties Window and Outlook should have already selected the permission window for you

Step 3. Click the add button. This will open the address book window

Locate the delegate's that you added in stage 1 once you have found them either double click their name or click on the add button.

Click OK when you are done

Step 4.  You will now be returned back to the mailbox properties window. Click on the staff members name you have added and from the box next to Permission Level select the permissions required for this delegate.
For full access use Owner.

Once all the permissions are in place click OK

Step 5. Outlook will take you back to the mail window. You will need to repeat the process you did in the previous step on the folders; Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items and Junk Mail.
Should you have any additional folders in the inbox folder you will need to add the users on to these too and also if you need to add/remove a person

Stage 3. Viewing the mailbox within your Outlook Profile

IMPORTANT: Before attempting to follow these instructions, please ensure you have added the user to the mailbox's delegate permissions - as described in Stages 1 and 2.

Depending on the permissions you have been granted by whoever setup the permissions in Stages 1 and 3 you should now be able to read/modify/delete and send on behalf of, of the Generic mailbox.

Step 1.  Within your Outlook Windows navigate to File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Account Settings

Step 2. Highlight your exchange account and click Change

Step 3. Click more settings

Step 4. Click the Advanced Tab when the more settings window opens and then click Add

Step 5. In the Add mailbox Window type in the name of the mailbox you wish to add to your account (for example foe-support) then click OK

Step 6. Leave all other options ticked in the More settings Window then click OK.

Please note at this point you will be prompted to restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.

Step 7. Navigate your way out of the previous windows by

Clicking next on the Change Account window then click finish

Click close on the Accounts Settings window

Restart Outlook

Step 8. When you have successfully restarted outlook you should see an additional mailbox in your folder list at the bottom of your email account just under your own.

To expand the folder to display the additional folders click the small triangle next to the name to open it

Saving Sent Items into a Generic mailbox instead of yours

A common question IT support are asked by users who have an additional mailbox alongside their personal mailbox is "How do you automatically move a sent email from my sent items when you are sending from a Shared Mailbox?"

There is a method to do this but it will involves installing a registry key to add and enable the feature.

To enable the feature you first need to download the registry file from here;

Generic Mailbox Sent Items fix

Once you have the file you need to extract it from the zip file and then double click the file. There will be a message that comes up warning you that you are about to add to the registry and this can cause components to stop working, in this case it is safe to proceed as all the file is doing is adding a key file to your profile and turning on a feature. This has been tested before being available to download.

Important Points to Remember

If you have followed the steps above but think you have gone wrong somewhere then remember these points below;

It is very important that permissions are granted to the mailbox first and additional folders such as Inbox etc after. Failure to grant permissions only to the Inbox Sent items and Deleted items will mean the additional mailbox cannot be opened.

Delegate access to the inbox is required to grant sent on behalf of rights to the additional mailbox, basically so you can send on behalf of another.