Faculty of Environment

SEE Masters Specialist Lab

Computer Cluster

The SEE Master Specialist Lab is located in room 9.156 on level 9 of the Earth and Environment south building - it provides specialist IT facilities for the MSc Structure and Geophysics courses. 9.156 contains 26 PCs.

  1. Opening times: MSc students have fob access to 9.156.
  2. Power Save: All PCs in both labs run a power-saving scheme - they shutdown and power off when nobody has logged in for a set time. That means you often have to switch the PC on from the power switch before using it.
  3. Operating Systems: All PCs in the lab run dual-booting Windows/Linux operating systems. The Windows OS is Windows 7 64-bit, and the Linux OS is CentOS 5.4. A boot-time menu is used to select the operating system - if the PC is currently switched off - switch it on, then at the menu prompt select option 1 (or wait 5 seconds for the default) to boot into Windows, or select option 2 to boot into Linux. To change from one operating system to the other, select the Restart Computer option on the current login screen and be ready to choose the boot-time menu as above.
  4. Usernames: In both Windows and Linux modes, you should use your normal University (AD) username and password to login.
  5. PC Hardware: The PCs are Dell Precision T3400s with quad-core 2.83GHz Intel processors and 8Gb of RAM, with 2 x 22" widescreen, flat-panel monitors.
  6. AV system: The room has an additional networked, lecturer PC connected to a projector system (again, this uses the normal University username and password). There are ceiling-installed speakers connected to the lecturer PC. There's an additional input to the projector (for laptops) which can be selected from the control panel on the lecturer desk.
  7. Printers:  Room 9.156 contains a University MFD device called PS17. This is an A3/ A4, colour, duplex printer, scanner and photocoper which can be accessed via the University myprint system (requires University printer credits).
  8. Problems: Please report all problems with the lab to Faculty IT support ( support@see.leeds.ac.uk). The IT support room is located in 9.145 (in the same corridor as the 9.156 lab). All the printers are run by central University services, and problems should be reported to the ISS helpdesk ( helpdesk@leeds.ac.uk).
  9. Pictures: Masters Specialist Lab