Faculty of Environment

Shared Email Account

  1. Open Outlook as normal.
  2. Click Tools -> Account Settings
  3. Select "View or change existing e-mail accounts" and click Next
  4. Click Add..
  5. Click IMAP and Next
  6. Fill in the boxes as below...

    1. Your name: Earth & Environment Faculty Purchasing Office (this is the name your purchasing emails will appear to come from)
    2. E-mail Address: foe-purchasing@leeds.ac.uk (supply the shared email address here)
    3. User name: earpurch (supply the shared username here)
    4. Password: (supply the shared password here)
    5. Remember password: (leave it checked)
    6. Incoming mail server (IMAP): outlook.leeds.ac.uk
    7. Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.leeds.ac.uk

  7. then click "More Settings..." and give the new account a better name (eg Finance)
  8. before clicking OK, then Next and Finish.

You will see a new area in Outlook which is the shared email.

When you are sending emails out, compose emails as normal. Press the accounts button to choose the account - this will allow you to send emails from the shared username - but the default will remain your normal email identity.

Note: for this to work, you must be using Outlook 2003 or later. Someone needs to log into the email account and set it up as follows: Tools -> Options -> Delegates and add all the required users with the required permissions. Mailbox -> Sharing... -> Permissions and add the required users with the required permissions. These look like two copies of the same information, but check both as the permissions can be different.