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Outlook Rules

If you repeatedly get emails from a particular sender or containing a certain subject, Outlook can remove these emails from your inbox automatically as they arrive.

For example, I get emails from Essential Travel, as I once enquired about travel insurance from them. I decide I don't wish to see these any more - here's how to procede:

The offending email turns up in your inbox, and you decide you don't want more of these.

  1. Right-click on the email and select Create Rule
  2. Choose the From field to remove all emails from this sender (you could alternatively opt to remove all emails containing a certain subject).
  3. Click Move e-mail to folder: and click Select Folder - then choose Deleted items (or any other folder of your choice).
  4. Click OK and OK, Choosing Run this rule now when you see it.

The offending email will be moved, and all like it in the future.

You can manage the rules in more detail by clicking on Tools -> Rules and Alerts

Create Rule dialogue box