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Outlook quotas

To check your email usage click the right mouse on Mailbox - Your Name in the folders list and select Properties for Mailbox - Your Name and then Folder size. This will give your total usage (needs to be less than 100000 KB) and a breakdown of where the big folders are.

You might well spot some big things that can be deleted. Make sure you empty Deleted Items.

You can reduce your usage by selecting items or folders and then clicking Tools -> Enterprise Vault -> Store in Vault...

After you have done that, emails will be replaced by small stubs which take up very little space. You can read them by double-clicking on them but if you want to get them back fully (to reply to or forward them) you will have to get them back out of the vault again.

Further strategies to reduce your usage are:

1. Create a "Personal Folder". Click File -> Data File Management -> Add... -> OK and specify a location and name (this should be on a networked drive, so that it will be backed up). Finish by clicking OK -> OK -> Close. A new area will appear in your Outlook folder list. Dragging things from your Mailbox area into the Personal Folder area will reduce your quotaed usage.

2. Apply for an increase in Mailbox size. This is done by submitting the green filespace form (available from IT support), but clearly marking it "Exchange Mailbox quota".