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How to export Outlook Emails

Emails are exported via local files called .pst files. Your "Personal Folders" are already in this format. Your Exchange Mailbox and all its contents (this normally includes your "Inbox") are stored on the Exchange server and must be exported.

1. How to export your Exchange Mailbox to a .pst file

Click "File". then "Import and Export..."

Click "Export to a File" and then "Next"

Select "Personal Folder File (.pst)" and then "Next"

To export everything, select "Mailbox" at the top and check "Include subfolders"

Click "Next" 

Set the name and folder of the .pst file that you are about to create (the default place to save to is a bit obscure, so change it).

Click "Finish"


2. Your Personal Folders are already stored as a .pst file.

You can find the location by clicking

"File" then "Data file management..." and finding your personal folder in the Name list.

3. You can pass copies of these files to colleagues or take them to other locations.

When attached to another system, they don't fill up the new user's mailbox - though the file itself will use up some disk space.

To attach a .pst file to Outlook:

Click "File" then "Data file management..."

Click "Add..." while the "Data Files" tab is selected.

Click "OK"

Navigate to where the .pst file required is stored, select it and press "OK"

You can give a more distinctive name to the new Personal Folder (eg "Freds Old Emails") if you wish.

Click "Close"