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Enterprise Vault

The University has implemented an email archiving system called Symantec Enterprise Vault. The following details what this is and gives an overview of how to use it:

Why was Enterpirse Vault implemented:

  • To improve the email service we provide to staff by effectively increasing the amount of email a user can store and eliminating the need for users to apply for increased mailbox quotas.
  • To keep the Exchange databases to a manageable size so that backup and restore times can be improved.
  • To improve the general performance of the Exchange system for the end-user.
  • To eliminate the use of PST files which often reside on the user's hard drive where they are not backed up, or on a networked drive where they are backed up but continue to grow.
  • To provide advanced search facilities for archived emails from on and off campus.

What does Enterprise Vault do:

Enterprise vault "archives" emails to a larger storage facility to free up space within your mailbox. In a similar fashion to the use of .pst or personal folders enterprise vault stores your emails in a secondary storage area. Emails can either be "pushed" into the vault manually or moved there automatically. For all users of Enterprise Vault any emails older than 3 months will be automatically moved to the vault. However, it will NOT automatically archive unread items, deleted items, calendars, notes, tasks and public folder contents.

Once your mailbox has been activated for Enterprise Vault usage you should receive an email similar to the one attached at the bottom of the page entitled "Enterprise Vault activation email"

As an additional note it is recommended that "Although the archiving solution is intended to help you manage your emails more effectively, you should still perform basic housekeeping tasks periodically such as deleting emails that are no longer relevant."

Using Enterprise Vault

Your "vault" can be accessed in two ways: either via an Outlook plug-in or via a web browser (It is recommened to use Internet Explorer but Firefox will work and give full functionality).