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Remote wakeup

To wakeup a desktop PC remotely (for example, for access from tunnelier) -

There are a couple of one-off actions which have to be carried out by IT support and which involves re-booting your PC (contact foe-support@leeds.ac.uk to arrange a time to do this) -

  1. A BIOS parameter which enables Wake On Lan has to be set on your desktop PC.
  2. A setting in the driver for the network card has to be enabled to allow the PC to wake from hibernation.

Then every time you connect from home -

  1. It's assumed that when you've gone home, you've already either shutdown your PC, or hibernated your PC
  2. From home, visit the following website to wake up your PC  -


  3. Type in the name of your PC and press the Wakeup PC button. Wait a while for the PC to wake up ... this will probably just take a minute or so from hibernation, but could be longer if a reboot is required
  4. Then continue your remote session as usual - follow the normal tunnelier instructions (or whatever you do for remote connection)
  5. When you've finished your remote session, you probably want to hibernate your PC again (it's not possible to remotely shutdown - only hibernate is possible). Unfortunately, you have to do this from a Windows command prompt - there's no standard menu item for this command. Start the Windows command prompt with Start -> Run -> cmd, then type the following command (this command is case-sensitive) -

    • rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState