Faculty of Environment

Health & Safety

Foreword by Dean of Faculty 

The health, safety and welfare of our Staff, Students and Visitors is of the highest priority to the Faculty of Environment and the Faculty commits itself to developing, resourcing and implementing appropriate structures and processes that reflect this.

As an integral part of this commitment the Faculty fully supports and endorses the requirements and spirit of the University‚Äôs Health and Safety Policy.  The senior management team has adopted a number of principles in support of the Policy and remains committed to achieving best practice in health and safety through continued improvement and effective control of risk while maintaining our world-class reputation for research and student education opportunities.

There are a number of significant and varied risks associated with the research and teaching activities of the Faculty; in the main these are related to the laboratory, workshop and fieldwork activities but there are also risks to consider within the office environment.  It is therefore imperative that we all take responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for each other and our Students.

Should you have any queries or concerns over Health and Safety issues please contact myself as the Chair of Faculty Health and Safety Committee or the Health and Safety Team.

Best wishes,

Professor Andy Dougill
Dean of Faculty
July 2015