Faculty of Environment

What we do

Providing a range of services to meet your research support needs:


Tell us about your research ideas and get
Advice and information about sponsors and funding opportunities.
Liaise with us regarding budgetary requirements and with our
Knowledge and experience we can calculate full economic costs and help
To agree the sponsor’s price.
Once we have sought financial and departmental approval we can assist in the
Undertaking of internal and ethical review procedures, before checking and Submitting proposal documents.


Successful award? Remember:
Update us if your project is funded.
Contracts – send them to us for review so we can negotiate terms on your behalf.
Contracts are essential! Do not work without them and remember that the university is the only approved signatory.
Ensure the account number is live before you start spending.
Subcontracts – let us know if you expect to involve people from outside the university in your project.
Share your success! Let us publicise your awards on our website.


Co-operation is important for the smooth running of a project. We will:
Help to calculate alterations in costs including staffing commitments etc;
Assist with sponsor reporting requirements such as cost statements, audits etc;
Notify you of the financial status of your project on a quarterly basis;
Give advice on contractual or financial matters;
Ensure contract issues and extensions are dealt with effectively;
Support award holders by processing and checking project expenditure.


To make sure project closure is dealt with effectively we will:
Iron out all remaining problems;
Endeavour to bring your project in on budget; giving advice to help you to use all the funds made available to you;
Undertake and prepare final expenditure claims, statements or invoices;
Provide a post-mortem report of financial performance and let you know when the account is closed.