Faculty of Environment

Staff profiles

Sharron Lobley

Faculty Research Manager
Telephone: 0113 34 36558

 The Faculty Research Manager and is responsible for overseeing all areas of the team's work and represents the office on Faculty and University committees. They oversee the cradle-to-grave grants administration process, covering:

  • The identification of new business and research opportunities
  • Providing expert knowledge relating to grant giving bodies, compliance with external regulations and internal University policies including the full economic costing of research proposals
  • Producing management information relating to research income to help inform Faculty strategic planning and decision making.
  • Ensuring the optimisation of research income, indirect cost and directly allocated costs in order to maximise the return to the Faculty.
  • Providing support for the Research Excellence Framework, through preparing relevant data collection and reports

Please contact them if you need assistance with your research proposal or award.

Pre-Award Team

Luke Lawrance

Senior Research Administrator
Telephone: 0113 34 38826

Siân Evans

Research Support Administrator
Telephone: 0113 34 32244

Catharine Vousden

Research Support Officer
Telephone: 0113 34 33530

The Pre-Award team deal with the administration of all research proposals.  We deal with a wide range of sponsors from UK Research Councils and charities, to the EU Government and industry; national and international.  We are able to provide advice regarding funder’s rules and regulations and can help you with putting together financial information for proposals.  We ensure that all the necessary internal regulations are adhered to when preparing a proposal such as establishing whether ethical review is required and that data risk assessments have been completed.   The majority of research proposals are submitted through the Faculty Research Office once we have obtained the necessary approval, usually from Head of School.

We can also help with providing University of Leeds organisational information that is often required for tenders such as Health and Safety policy information, financial reports and statistics.

On receiving an offer of a grant, we will liaise with Research Support regarding acceptance of the award which often involves contract negotiation.  When an award has been formally accepted, we are responsible for setting up a research grant account.

Post-Award Team

Lee Johnstone

Senior Research Administrator
Telephone: 0113 34 37324

Paul Warren

Research Administrator
Telephone: 0113 34 36431

Kate Scott

Research Support Officer
Telephone: 0113 34 32031

Kate works Tuesday to Friday.

Jamie Deakins

Research Support Officer

Jamie works Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Quentin Birkinshaw

Research Administrator
Telephone: 0113 34 37306

Charmaine Lawrence

Research Support Officer
Telephone: 0113 34 34624

Charmaine works Monday to Thursday.

Guillaume Evans

Research Support Officer
Telephone: 0113 34 39443

Nicola Borthwick

Research Administrator
Telephone: 0113 34 39444

Nicky supports closures on grants and works Monday and Tuesday.

Emma Lonsdale

Research Support Officer
Telephone: 0113 34 37323

Emma provides dedicated support to EU grants across all schools and in addition she supports oil grants for IAG.

The Post Award team is split by school. The School of Earth & Environment and School of Geography/Institute for Transport Studies each has a dedicated team looking after all of their grants. Quentin Birkinshaw, Charmaine Lawrence and Guillaume Evans form one Post Award Sub Team and Paul Warren, Kate Scott and Jamie Deakins work together as the 2nd Sub Team. 

Quentin, Charmaine and Guillaume look after all grants in the School of Earth & Environment.  

Paul, Kate and Jamie look after all grants in the School of Geography and Institute for Transport Studies. 

Between us we deal with the post award administration of all of the Faculty’s research grants from sponsors including UK Research Councils, UK Charities and UK Government, projects under the European Commission’s Framework Programme (currently Horizon 2020), other European Projects such as ERC and Marie Curie as well as any other projects from UK or international industrial sponsors, European tenders, international charities or research councils etc. 

We deal with the financial administration of each project throughout its life and help to ensure projects run smoothly. We monitor and update project budgets and aim to provide quarterly updates to PI’s. We are responsible for all external financial reporting, claims, statements of expenditure and invoicing. We can advise on the affordability of staff time, eligibility of costs, funder’s rules, remaining budget etc and are the authorised signatories for any travel claims or other expenses on these projects. We also deal with requests for project extensions. 

We monitor exchange rates for any projects funded in currencies other than sterling and update PI’s on how any fluctuations will affect their budgets. 

Please contact us with any queries or to notify us of any changes to your project. Please direct queries to your school's post-award email address:


Research Support Assistant

The Research Support Assistant provides administrative support to both the pre and post award teams.

Consultancy Projects

Maxine Porter

Consultancy Officer
Telephone: 0113 34 33107

Maxine deals with the costing and then management of all the consultancy projects for the Faculty. 

Useful Info

Expense Claims 

The e-expenses system should be used by all staff for all claims on research accounts. Student and visitor payments are currently still processed on paper forms, as are advance requests and reconciliations. Paper forms can be sent to FRO, Priestley Building L9. 

E-expense forms should be submitted to Emma Seymour and the paper copy printed and sent along with receipts to FRO, Priestley Building L9. Payments are now made weekly on Fridays. Any claims approved through the system by 12pm on a Friday afternoon will be paid on the Friday of the following week. 
Please contact us should you need assistance accessing the system or completing your claim. 

The link to the e-expense system is https://selfservice.mais.leeds.ac.uk:444/irj/portal


SIPRS requesting expenditure on research projects should be submitted to Paul Warren OR Quentin Birkinshaw dependent on your Research Institute/Group.