Faculty of Environment

Athena SWAN

The Faculty of Environment currently holds a Bronze Athena Swan award, which was awarded in April 2016. 

Further information about Athena Swan can be found on the University's Athena SWAN pages

The Faculty has recently reviewed the membership of the Faculty Self Assessment Team, the current membership is :

  • Andrew Dougill, Dean of Faculty
  • Andy Turner, Research Officer, Geography
  • Anne Owen, Research Fellow, Earth and Environment
  • Catherine Moody, Senior Research Fellow, Geography
  • Christina Craven, Faculty Head of Human Resources
  • Lois Ryan, Faculty Education Service Officer
  • Clare Woulds, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Jared West, Senior Lecturer, Earth and Environment
  • Josie Ormston, Faculty Human Resources Manager
  • Kirsty Pringle, Research Scientist, Earth and Environment
  • Martin Zebracki, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Nichola Sykes, Faculty Human Resources Officer
  • Robert Finch, Faculty Technical Services Manager
  • Samantha Haynes, Project Officer, Earth and Environment
  • Samantha Jamson, Deputy Director, Institute for Transport Studies
  • Sarah Dennis, Research Fellow, Earth and Environment 

The Faculty intends to submit a further Athena Swan application in April 2019.  Over the coming months the team will be working on the results of the staff culture survey and analysis of data for staff and students which will help determine progress made since 2016 and action that are need for the future application.