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Server Filesystem Owner Backup Size %Used
foe-data-18 a109 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.9T 93
foe-data-18 a158 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 1.0T 91
foe-data-18 a159 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 88
foe-data-18 a160 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 100
foe-data-18 a161 Doug Parker Monthly 50T 98
foe-data-18 a164 Fiona Gill Monthly 1.0T 9
foe-data-18 a166 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 53
foe-data-18 a168 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 89
foe-data-18 a169 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 100
foe-data-18 a170 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 97
foe-data-18 a172 Free None 44T 0
foe-data-18 a173 Ken Carslaw Monthly 8.0T 82
foe-data-18 a176 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 55
foe-data-18 a189 Ian Philips (TRA) Monthly 1.0T 48
foe-data-18 a193 Tracy Aze Monthly 1.0T 2
foe-data-18 a213 Michael O'Sullivan (c/o Wolfgang Buermann) Monthly 2.0T 94
foe-data-18 a237 Eusebio Odiari [GEO] Monthly 1.0T 53
foe-data-18 a287 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 44
foe-data-18 a288 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 77
foe-data-18 a292 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 43
foe-data-18 a296 Jenna Sutherland Monthly 1.0T 73
foe-data-18 a297 Eleanor Pearson Monthly 2.0T 48
foe-data-18 a298 James Woodman Monthly 2.0T 42
foe-data-18 a301 Andy Nowacki Monthly 3.0T 31
foe-data-18 a313 Mark Goddard Monthly 1.0T 8
foe-data-18 a320 Richard Pope Monthly 5.0T 87
foe-data-18 a40 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 100
foe-data-18 a41 Andy Shepherd Monthly 47T 59
foe-data-18 a44 Steve Arnold Weekly 1.0T 97
foe-data-18 a55 Mark Thomas Monthly 520G 80
foe-data-18 a61 Hannah Bentham Monthly 239G 98
foe-data-18 a63 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.2T 99
foe-data-18 a71 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.1T 100
foe-data-18 a74 Eric Condliffe (SEM) Monthly 2.0T 70
foe-data-18 a76 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 95
foe-data-18 a95 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 77
foe-data-21 a100 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 95
foe-data-21 a105 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 8.0T 97
foe-data-21 a124 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 85
foe-data-21 a142 Dan Morgan Monthly 1.0T 81
foe-data-21 a145 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 5.0T 16
foe-data-21 a148 David Gubbins, Graham Stuart Monthly 1.0T 45
foe-data-21 a149 Steve Arnold Monthly 4.0T 83
foe-data-21 a174 Stephen Stackhouse Monthly 4.0T 90
foe-data-21 a175 Franziska Palm Monthly 2.0T 62
foe-data-21 a181 Free None 58T 0
foe-data-21 a183 Stephen Arnold Monthly 15T 55
foe-data-21 a184 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 62
foe-data-21 a185 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 78
foe-data-21 a186 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 91
foe-data-21 a187 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 85
foe-data-21 a188 Robert Chapman Monthly 2.0T 55
foe-data-21 a191 Tom Lynch (c/o Quentin Fisher) Monthly 2.0T 38
foe-data-21 a196 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.1T 91
foe-data-21 a197 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 89
foe-data-21 a223 Brian Irvine [GEO] Monthly 3.0T 94
foe-data-21 a280 Ronghui Liu Monthly 1.0T 20
foe-data-21 a281 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 29
foe-data-21 a300 Jamie Ward (Andy Nowacki) Monthly 1.0T 25
foe-data-21 a321 Cathryn Birch Monthly 137T 3
foe-data-21 a77 Michael Daly Monthly 3.0T 56
foe-data-21 a78 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 92
foe-data-21 a99 Archives None 4.0T 88
foe-data-22 a147 Tim Wright Monthly 164T 83
foe-data-24 a115 Douglas Paton Monthly 12T 98
foe-data-24 a120 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 87
foe-data-24 a127 Sebastian Rost Monthly 5.9T 100
foe-data-24 a129 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 75
foe-data-24 a130 Dave Thompson Monthly 4.1T 95
foe-data-24 a134 Leighton Regayre Monthly 15T 83
foe-data-24 a135 Jeffrey Peakall Monthly 990G 39
foe-data-24 a136 Karen Pascal (c/o Locko) Monthly 1008G 90
foe-data-24 a163 Andrew Walker Monthly 10T 43
foe-data-24 a201 Ken Carslaw Monthly 50T 99
foe-data-24 a202 Free None 1.0M 0
foe-data-24 a217 Steven Dobbie Monthly 1.0T 57
foe-data-24 a224 Sebastian Rost Monthly 7.0T 94
foe-data-24 a225 Vernon Manville Monthly 990G 44
foe-data-24 a227 David Banks Monthly 1.0T 13
foe-data-24 a228 Gareth Keevil Monthly 2.0T 59
foe-data-24 a275 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 6.0T 3
foe-data-24 a30 Sedimentology Group Monthly 21T 90
foe-data-24 a322 Andy Challinor Monthly 1.0T 0
foe-data-24 a326 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 0
foe-data-24 a327 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 0
foe-data-24 a328 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 0
foe-data-24 a329 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 0
foe-data-24 a66 Ian Brooks Monthly 8.0T 85
foe-data-24 a72 Jouni Paavola Monthly 1008G 55
foe-data-24 a91 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 75
foe-data-25 a234 Megan Klaar [GEO] Monthly 1.0T 8
foe-data-25 a310 Gary Moscovici (Mark Hildyard) Monthly 700G 32
foe-data-25 a37 Doug Parker Monthly 50T 96
foe-data-25 a82 Free None 9.1T 0
foe-data-25 a88 Chris Davies Monthly 110T 99
foe-data-27 a112 Rob Newton Monthly 1022G 6
foe-data-27 a126 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 99
foe-data-27 a192 Steven Turnock Monthly 20T 31
foe-data-27 a204 Nick Malleson Monthly 1.0T 93
foe-data-27 a205 Graham Stuart Monthly 2.0T 51
foe-data-27 a215 Graeme Swindles [GEO] Monthly 1.0T 35
foe-data-27 a216 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 11T 90
foe-data-27 a239 Mark Hildyard Monthly 1.0T 64
foe-data-27 a240 John Marsham / Cathryn Birch Monthly 15T 51
foe-data-27 a244 JP O Donnell / Graham Stuart Monthly 3.0T 78
foe-data-27 a246 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 97
foe-data-27 a248 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 100
foe-data-27 a250 Laura Gregory Monthly 2.0T 71
foe-data-27 a278 Free None 157G 0
foe-data-27 a279 Free None 1.0M 100
foe-data-27 a283 Susanna Ebmeier Monthly 20T 37
foe-data-27 a284 Michael Daly Monthly 15T 70
foe-data-27 a285 John Elliot Monthly 50T 17
foe-data-27 a289 Steef Boeing (Genesis Project) Monthly 20T 95
foe-data-27 a291 Katherine Willis Monthly 1.0T 5
foe-data-27 a308 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 5.0T 62
foe-data-27 a309 Dominick Spracklen Monthly 30T 52
foe-data-27 a9 Sebastian Rost Monthly 15T 87
foe-data-28 a236 Andy Shepherd [CPOM] Monthly 110T 77
foe-data-28 a241 Emma Hatton Monthly 54T 95
foe-data-28 a251 Free None 1.0G 0
foe-data-29 a117 Sarah Monks (c/o Steve Arnold) Monthly 1022G 95
foe-data-29 a119 Steven Dobbie Monthly 1022G 90
foe-data-29 a128 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 6.1T 99
foe-data-29 a155 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 1022G 90
foe-data-29 a156 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 1022G 86
foe-data-29 a157 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 1022G 100
foe-data-29 a17 Andrew Challinor Monthly 1022G 86
foe-data-29 a180 Doug Angus Monthly 18T 99
foe-data-29 a21 Doug Parker Monthly 1022G 81
foe-data-29 a231 Anna Hogg Monthly 4.0T 72
foe-data-29 a247 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 86
foe-data-29 a253 Milena Buchs Monthly 1.0T 32
foe-data-29 a290 Free None 1.0M 0
foe-data-29 a293 Free None 1.0M 0
foe-data-29 a303 Ruth Madigan Monthly 1.0T 79
foe-data-29 a304 Monica Di Gregorio Monthly 2.0T 3
foe-data-29 a305 CAMS43 (Graham Mann) Monthly 10T 55
foe-data-29 a306 Emanuel Gloor [GEO] Monthly 3.0T 9
foe-data-29 a307 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 5.0T 100
foe-data-29 a315 MeteorStrat (Graham Mann) Monthly 20T 0
foe-data-29 a317 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 5.0T 0
foe-data-29 a319 John Marsham (SWAMMA) Monthly 60T 6
foe-data-29 a58 Andrew Ross Monthly 1022G 65
foe-data-29 a68 Dominick Spracklen Monthly 90T 99
foe-data-30 a122 Marco Patacci (CIPEG) Monthly 14T 70
foe-data-30 a151 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 3.0T 80
foe-data-30 a152 Geoff Lloyd Monthly 1.0T 72
foe-data-30 a190 Matthew Pankhurst Monthly 9.5T 93
foe-data-30 a194 Free None 1.0M 0
foe-data-30 a210 Guy Ziv [GEO] Monthly 2.0T 82
foe-data-30 a211 William James [GEO] Monthly 1.0T 98
foe-data-30 a214 David Hodgson Monthly 10T 84
foe-data-30 a219 Andy Turner [GEO] Monthly 1.0T 89
foe-data-30 a233 Sebastian Rost Monthly 10T 75
foe-data-30 a235 Zhiqiang Cui Monthly 10T 21
foe-data-30 a26 Ian Brooks Monthly 2.0T 72
foe-data-30 a267 Peter Atkinson Monthly 1.0T 17
foe-data-30 a269 Sandra Piazolo Monthly 2.0T 93
foe-data-30 a270 Free None 1.0M 0
foe-data-30 a271 Duncan Quincey Monthly 1.0T 59
foe-data-30 a272 Evan Miles Monthly 1.0T 86
foe-data-30 a273 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 81
foe-data-30 a274 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 13T 99
foe-data-30 a276 Lindsay Lee Monthly 15T 2
foe-data-30 a277 Impala (John Marsham) Monthly 50T 92
foe-data-30 a29 Alan Gadian (Teaching) Monthly 1022G 35
foe-data-30 a31 Steve Arnold Monthly 2.3T 92
foe-data-30 a38 Binod Sreenivasan Monthly 374G 74
foe-data-30 a65 Piers Forster Monthly 60T 73
foe-data-30 a86 Ben Murray Monthly 6.0T 83
foe-data-30 a87 James Tate Monthly 2.0T 66
foe-data-31 a1 Tim Wright Monthly 110T 93
foe-data-31 a101 Kathryn Nicklin Monthly 12T 99
foe-data-31 a102 Andy Challinor Monthly 2.0T 85
foe-data-31 a123 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 92
foe-data-31 a209 Luca Budello [GEO] Monthly 2.0T 65
foe-data-31 a232 Clare Gordon (virtual field trips) Monthly 1.0T 31
foe-data-31 a254 Free None 865G 0
foe-data-31 a256 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 91
foe-data-31 a257 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 67
foe-data-31 a258 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 69
foe-data-31 a259 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 96
foe-data-31 a260 Stephen Whitfield Monthly 1.0T 1
foe-data-31 a263 Zora Van-Leuuwen [GEO] Monthly 1.0T 11
foe-data-31 a264 Cathryn Birch Monthly 5.0T 89
foe-data-31 a265 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 6.0T 66
foe-data-31 a268 Sandra Piazolo Monthly 3.0T 1
foe-data-31 a299 SWAMMA (John Marsham) Monthly 45T 94
foe-data-31 a84 Geography NAS Monthly 4.0T 72
foe-data-31 a96 Ian Brooks Monthly 15T 87
foe-data-32 ncas NCAS Monthly 175T 100
foe-data-33 a114 Windows Team Monthly 5.0T 73
foe-data-33 a226 Peter Steward [TEMP] Monthly 100G 26
foe-data-33 a255 Free None 23T 0
foe-data-33 a294 Jefim Vogel [TEMP] Monthly 4.0T 75
foe-data-33 a295 INSAR Course [TEMP] Monthly 4.0T 27
foe-data-33 a318 Greg Houseman (Comet files) Monthly 500G 72
foe-data-33 hercules Alan Haywood Monthly 41T 40
foe-data-34 a111 Jim McQuaid Monthly 2.0T 96
foe-data-34 a116 Amy Collinson (c/o Locko) Monthly 6.0T 39
foe-data-34 a133 Anja Schmidt Monthly 4.9T 64
foe-data-34 a178 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 96
foe-data-34 a212 Pia Wohland [GEO] Monthly 1.0T 16
foe-data-34 a230 Lex Comber [GEO] Monthly 4.0T 22
foe-data-34 a245 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 94
foe-data-34 a249 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 6.0T 99
foe-data-34 a262 Cloud Dynamics (R.Ivanovic) Monthly 110T 55
foe-data-34 a311 Free None 1.0M 0
foe-data-34 a312 Free None 4.7T 0
foe-data-34 a314 Ailish Graham (c/o Jim McQuaid) Monthly 5.0T 19
foe-data-34 a316 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 5.0T 0
foe-data-34 a323 Mark Richardson Monthly 2.0T 0
foe-data-34 a324 Ezekiel Yenne Monthly 2.0T 17
foe-data-34 a59 Andy Shepherd Monthly 90T 95
balin-01 balin Geophysics Monthly 110T 37
hera-03 hera1 Alan Haywood Monthly 57T 78
hera-03 hera2 Alan Haywood Monthly 57T 57
hera-03 hera3 Alan Haywood Monthly 117T 71
foe-data-01 a137 Cathryn Birch Monthly 41T 99
foe-data-04 a167 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 95
foe-data-04 a177 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 99
foe-data-04 a179 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 86
foe-data-04 a18 Afar Consortium Monthly 4.0T 89
foe-data-04 a195 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 4.0T 56
foe-data-04 a229 Ben Murray Monthly 1.0T 0
foe-data-04 a282 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 2.0T 0
foe-data-04 a286 Martyn Chipperfield Monthly 5.0T 0
foe-data-04 a302 Natasha Merat Monthly 5.0T 0
foe-data-04 a325 Free None 29T 0
foe-data-04 a56 Greg Houseman Monthly 3.0T 95
foe-data-04 a62 Yong Ren Monthly 2.0T 92
foe-data-01dataData Repository None 21T 86
foe-backup-02 mirror Backups   82T 94
foe-backup-03 mirror Backups   81T 74
foe-backup-04 mirror Backups   61T 72
foe-backup-05 mirror Backups   121T 95
foe-backup-06 mirror Backups   110T 47
foe-backup-07 raid1 Backups   110T 95
foe-backup-07 raid2 Backups   55T 91
foe-backup-09 mirror Backups   82T 88
foe-backup-10 mirror Backups   110T 98
foe-backup-12 mirror Backups   81T 12
foe-backup-13 mirror Backups   110T 65
foe-backup-14 mirror Backups   121T 94
foe-backup-15 mirror Backups   121T 85
foe-backup-16 mirror Backups   153T 76
foe-backup-17 mirror Backups   121T 89
foe-backup-18 mirror Backups   126T 17
foe-backup-19 mirror Backups   85T 97
foe-backup-20 mirror Backups   81T 27
foe-backup-21 mirror Backups   88T 74
foe-backup-22 mirror Backups   161T 96
foe-backup-23 mirror Backups   175T 94
foe-backup-24 mirror Backups   204T 89
foe-backup-25 mirror Backups   161T 72
foe-backup-26 mirror Backups   161T 95
foe-backup-27 mirror Backups   88T 98
foe-backup-29 mirror Backups   82T 94
foe-backup-31 mirror Backups   61T 80
Total       3306Tb 65

Petal Filesystem Owner Tapes purchased Data on Tape Compressed % Used
Codita Wuhu Feng 70.37T 18.21T 15.29T 21
DES_Prod_ARCHIVE Ben Pierce 55.0T 3.54T 2.91T 5
Dobbie-data Steven Dobbie 2.27T .59T .41T 18
GLOMAP_SingleCopy Kirsty Pringle 145.28T 104.08T 90.96T 62
ITS_Simulator_Archive Michael Daly 3T 1.10T .81T 27
NERC-Noho Wuhu Feng 22.7T 1.05T .76T 3
Noho Wuhu Feng 2.27T 11.73T 9.47T 417
Palaeogeography Alan Haywood 22.7T 9.97T 7.46T 32
Physical_climate Piers Forster 6.81T 5.48T 2.85T 41
Plio-ESS Alan Haywood 31.78T 6.95T 6.79T 21
Quaternary_climate Lauren Gregoire 19.3T 0T 0T 0
SGPC_Archive Alan Haywood 22.7T 16.54T 17.56T 77
WHAM Netta Cohen 22.7T 11.16T 8.88T 39
paclab Faisal Mushtaq 2.27T     0
ultrasound_archive Steven Freear 2.27T 1.30T 1.27T 55
Total   431.42TB 191.70TB 165.42TB  

Archived Filesystem Owner Date Archived Compressed Uncompressed
a1 Tim Wright 2018 17.5TB 25TB
a10 Martyn Chipperfield 2011 729GB 953GB
a107 Ken Carslaw 2017 10.2TB 16.4TB
a108 Peter Knippertz 2017 14.1TB 20TB
a11 Martyn Chipperfield 2012 632GB 937GB
a121 Rebecca Sellers 2017 153GB 158GB
a13 Earth Sciences MSc student archive 2012 729GB 953GB
a131 Vaughan Phillips 2016 149GB 421GB
a132 Cathryn Birch 2018 13TB 20.6TB
a138 Piers Forster 2012 194GB 286GB
a14 Daniel Parsons 2012 806GB 899GB
a140 Lianne Benning 2018 651GB 1.6TB
a141 Martyn Chipperfield 2018 2.3TB 3.2TB
a147 Tim Wright 2018 17TB 21TB
a15 Mirko van der Baan 2014 624GB 904GB
a162 James Beckwith 2018 909GB 1.5TB
a198 Alex Webb 2017 201GB 267GB
a203 David Gubbins 2018 408GB 456GB
a218 Amanda Maycock 2017 506GB 552GB
a22 Ken Carslaw 2012 1.5TB 2.8TB
a238 Amanda Maycock 2018 2.9TB 4.3TB
a24 Martyn Chipperfield 2012 591GB 1.1TB
a243 Chris Smith [TEMP June 16 / Two Months] 2018 4TB 4.8TB
a25 Martyn Chipperfield 2013 646GB 1.1TB
a266 Rory Fitzpatrick 2018 3.4TB 3.5TB
a3 Piers Forster 2012 441GB 859GB
a32 Martyn Chipperfield 2014 1.4TB 1.8TB
a33 Ken Carslaw 2015 2.8TB 5TB
a34 Martyn Chipperfield 2014 2.5TB 3.8TB
a35 Ken Carslaw 2015 6.9TB 13.8TB
a4 School of Environment 2008 563GB 832GB
a42 Dave Gubbins 2014 335GB 684GB
a43 Mat Evans 2015 255GB 563GB
a5 School of Environment 2012 744GB 1.1TB
a50 Mat Evans 2012 324GB 621GB
a52 Piers Forster 2012 59GB 106GB
a53 Peter Knippertz 2016 6.6TB 10.1TB
a54 Sam Shaw 2018 45GB 105GB
a6 School of Environment 2008 499GB 819GB
a60 Martyn Chipperfield 2015 3.6TB 5.0TB
a67 Richard Phillips 2015 29GB 38GB
a7 Greg Houseman 2016 1.6TB 3.9TB
a75 Stephen Arnold 2016 167GB 662GB
a8 Dave Gubbins 2012 149GB 421GB
a80 Doug Parker 2015 6.2TB 9.4TB
a81 Stephen Arnold 2016 734GB 919GB
a83 Stephen Arnold 2016 985GB 1.7TB
a85 Dave Cornwell 2016 1.8TB 2.3TB
a88 Chris Davies 2017 5.2TB 6.9TB
a90 Doug Parker 2016 25.6TB 47.5TB
a94 Martyn Chipperfield 2016 600GB 1.2TB
a97 Sarah Lebel 2017 119GB 300GB
a98 Daniel Frost 2017 882GB 1.5TB
cascade Doug Parker 2013 8.2TB 12.9TB
hercules1 Sarah Bonham 2012 0.5GB 1.4GB
hercules10 Fergus Howell 2012 21GB 41GB
hercules11 Sarah Bonham 2012 32GB 63GB
hercules12 Fergus Howell 2012 67GB 132GB
hercules13 Julia Tindall 2012 794GB 3.1TB
hercules14 Stephen Hunter 2012 2.3TB 9.2TB
hercules15 Julia Tindall 2012 332GB 1.3TB
hercules16 James Pope 2012 2.4TB 4.7TB
hercules17 Fergus Howell 2012 1.4TB 2.8TB
hercules2 Sarah Bonham 2012 1GB 3.6GB
hercules3 Julia Tindall 2012 292GB 1.3TB
hercules4 Julia Tindall 2012 151GB 624GB
hercules5 Julia Tindall 2012 354GB 1.4TB
hercules6 Julia Tindall 2012 183GB 692GB
hercules8 Fergus Howell 2012 24GB 48GB
hercules9 Fergus Howell 2012 21GB 41GB
AroundLeeds John Stillwell 2012 0.3GB 0.2GB
RegionalReview John Stillwell 2012 0.74GB 0.94GB
UPTAP John Stillwell 2012 1.1GB 1.8GB
ET07-02_031 02_031 2013 29GB 38GB
clare Clare Allen 2011 177GB 178GB
melbury Stephen Arnold 2013 657GB 1.2TB
see-bw1 bw1 2012 227GB 352GB
trane Thanh Tung Nguyen 2006 85GB 86GB
bird Thanh Tung Nguyen 2008 97GB 97GB
u1 Forbes Abson 2012 39GB 107GB
u2 Mike Krom 2012 48GB 106GB
rhea Piers Forster 2014 331GB 578GB
Total     183.22 TB 296.70 TB